Shape your Data Strategy

Data Strategy is a strategic business opportunity that requires both business expertise and technical savviness. Data strategy can influence (and disrupt) business models to become a competitive advantage. Many companies that have jumped directly into making use of data without having a well-formulated data strategy are struggling to prove the expected business value.

How do you shape a Data strategy that actually supports your business goals?

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Benefits of a good Data Strategy

Agnicio has been able to help numerous companies at different data maturity stages shaping good data strategies. This is just an introduction to our take on data strategy. Do you have more specific questions about our Data Strategy service and how it could work for you? Please reach out to us by email or through our telephone number.

Adopted by Business

A good data strategy can influence your business model in a way that brings more business value by driving growth, efficiency.

Connected Decision Making

A properly implemented data strategy allows for information to flow across your organization, leading to what we like to call, connected decision making.

Competitive Advantage

Given the ever-increasing competition companies face, a well-shaped data strategy brings speed and context. Insights where and when needed.

What makes a good data strategy?

As the data strategy is just as unique as the business it’s trying to support, there is no typical one size fits all approach. Also, it’s very dependent on where your company stands from a data & analytics maturity point of view. Here’s an overview of the most important pillars that make a good data strategy

Business Strategy

We have developed an effective method to define your Vision and Mission. Our ‘trademark’ Data Value Matrix captures aspects like impact, priority, and feasibility. The outcome allows you to focus on where you need to start and what investment drives the best value.

Tech & Data

Once the business objectives are clear, the next step typically is to access what data do we need to leverage (internal/ external, structured/ unstructured) to achieve the desired objective. Parallel, we take a similar approach to your enterprise technology foundation. What needs to happen to conduct the efforts?

People & Process

In our humble opinion, a good data strategy is beyond just having the most sophisticated technology. Having the right talent, skills, and processes in place is equally, or even more, important and should be a key part of the thought process.