How do I plan for maximum opportunity?
How do I plan for growth and profitability?
How do I drive operational excellence?

Sense the demand to plan for opportunity!

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What is Demand Sensing?

Well, it’s all about capturing the Demand Signal

Predicting who wants what product, where at what moment in time. A lot of companies are still relying only on a ‘gut feeling’ approach when it comes to planning their business. Often this approach is internally focused and success is measured by an actual vs. plan report, without really looking at context like competition, marketplace and even consumer.

The fact is, that’s simply not enough to capture today’s marketplace dynamics. To plan future opportunity, with profitability in mind, other drivers have to be considered.

Many of the insights to predict demand are not captured by a companies internal data.Leveraging all types of available (big) data and (systemized) business logic enables to predict short- and long-term Demand.

Together with our partner Cubewise, we have developed a unique method that predicts demand and translates that into your integrated business plan. This method is focussed on understanding the market opportunity while driving operational excellence, and allowing for sustainable growth and profitability.

We developed a solution that generates a base plan allowing for your business analysts and business planners to focus on what really drives your business and effectively plan for it.

Still want to know more about demand sensing analytics and how it can help your organisation? Watch Agnicio’s Data Strategist and Director break it down in less than 15 minutes.