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Welcome to Agnicio, where data analytics meets the power of insight and transformation.

Our name draws inspiration from Aristotle’s concept of a person gaining a profound understanding of their situation, leading to a transformative experience known as “peripeteia” in Greek theater. Just as the characters in ancient plays experienced unexpected turns that changed the course of their stories, we believe that data has the potential to reveal hidden insights and create pivotal moments for businesses.

At Agnicio, We harness the immense power of data analytics to help organizations uncover unique perspectives and make informed decisions that propel them towards success.Our team of skilled data analysts and experts is committed to guiding you through your data-driven journey. We combine cutting-edge technologies, advanced statistical models, and an in-depth understanding of your industry to extract meaningful patterns and trends from complex data sets. By leveraging the latest tools and methodologies, we transform raw data into actionable insights, empowering you to make strategic choices that drive growth and innovation.

Meet the Leadership Team

Hicham El Arfaoui
CEO & Founder

Hicham is deeply passionate about making companies (more) data driven and empowering their strategic objectives. He has consulted leading companies like Nike, J&J, and Chanel. He is an expert level consultant with +20 years of (international) experience in enterprise data analytics.

Derek Zoutendijk
Chief data, product & customer

Derek is a Data expert who drives product innovation. He has consulted companies like Lidl, Jumbo, PostNL & ProRail around data & planning products. He is able to seamlessly combine product thinking, data and analytics to improve operational excellence